Local hydroponic farm doesn’t miss a beat despite the drop in temperatures

Whether it’s summer’s blazing heat, fall’s seemingly early disappearance or the arrival of winter’s whipping winds, one local hydroponic farm isn’t fazed by weather’s constantly changing face.

Scissortail Farms in west Tulsa takes the claim as Oklahoma’s largest producer of green, leafy vegetables through the use of aeroponic towers and is one of the largest hydroponic producers across the country.

Started a year and a half ago in an office by Rob Walenta and his partner John Sultan, who both come from construction development and aerospace engineering backgrounds respectively, Scissortail Farms now sits in the 8400 block of West 51st Street with the ability to produce thousands of plants at one time. They’ve been in their new location for about a month.

“We’ve got 1,368 towers. Most of them are 44 rings tall or 11 rings tall and have 44 slots. Some of them are 13 and have 52. Altogether, we’ve got a little over 62,000 individual slots for individual plants at any given time,” Walenta said.

Among the thousands of plants growing out of white aeroponic tubes, kept hydrated every five minutes with conditioned water, are various types of lettuce, kale, chard, arugula and other leafy varieties.

Walenta says the goal of Scissortail Farms is to provide consumers with fresh, local produce year-round.

“Provide produce for the local community. Typically, it comes from California or Arizona and that is trucked in, so we’re able to provide for the local community without having to go through those channels,” he said.

To make this happen, in addition to the aforementioned water treatment, the plants are kept warm by boilers and provided solar-like lighting.

Plants are propagated in one area of the greenhouse until their roots are strong and established before they’re moved into the aeroponic tubes. There, the roots grow much deeper, more than a foot in length in some cases, until they’re ready for consumption.

Walenta says a handful of Reasor’s stores carry the Scissortail Farms produce. So do two well known Tulsa restaurants: Juniper and Tallgrass Prairie Table.

“The ultimate goal is to serve as many restaurants and retail outlets as we can in this areas,” Walenta said.

Potential customers are also invited to buy directly from their farm in west Tulsa.


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