Scissortail Farms breaks ground on vertical aeroponic farm

Scissortail Farms is going to be the newest name in fresh, local, and living produce in the Tulsa, Okla., region! After more than a year of planning, the company is excited to announce that it is breaking ground on its state-of-the-art, one-acre vertical food farm. Scissortail’s ground-breaking urban farm, which utilizes Future Growing®’s patented vertical aeroponic Tower Garden® technology, will use up to 95% less water on 90% less land. Importantly, no herbicides and harmful chemicals will be applied to the food crops.

This ground-breaking, sustainable technology also features live plants, harvested and distributed to restaurants and produce wholesalers all in the same day. The USDA claims that up to 40% of nutrition is lost on fresh cut produce by the time it is purchased at a local grocery store.  Living produce harvested with the roots intact not only maintains amazing freshness, but also holds on to the extraordinary nutrition the plant had at point of harvest! This local farm will forever change the way Oklahomans think about their food and what is possible for their state with the Future Growing® technology.

Scissortail Farms will supply local, all natural, non-GMO, sustainable produce to many of the local restaurants and produce wholesalers in the Tulsa area. As a result, they already have an excited waiting list, as there is no one offering a wide variety of year-round, living produce in this region. One local restaurant owner said, “Imagine how my customers will respond to local, fresh, and sustainable produce in the middle of a Tulsa winter! It’s just not available to us now!”.

The new farm will be comprised of three main areas: a half acre of high-tech greenhouses, propagation greenhouses, and a state-of-the-art produce packing facility. The half acre of high-tech greenhouses provides the perfect year-round controlled environment for 1,400 vertical aeroponic Future Growing Towers. The produce that is grown vertically in this half acre replaces up to five acres of conventional horizontal growing systems, representing an extraordinary cost savings in infrastructure and operations, including heating and cooling.

The aeroponic towers contain oversized plant sites, so almost any above-ground crop can be grown with plenty of room for both the plants and the root systems, a feature not commonly found in most modern hydroponic systems. Scissortail Farms has found that this unique flexibility is a vital component to successful urban farming with today’s ever-changing local food requirements.

Today’s urban farmer needs to quickly adapt to what’s hot and what’s not in a competitive marketplace. The new owners at Scissortail Farms had the opportunity to train first-hand at other successful Future Growing farms around the US. Urban farmer Alex Thompson explains it best. “For me, it is like having crop insurance and an extraordinary growing system to boot! Can you imagine having to buy a whole new style of hydroponic growing system if you wanted to change crops? Adaptability is vital part of staying in business today!”

The greenhouse will also contain semi-automated carts traveling on a futuristic rail system, allowing greenhouse technicians to quickly move through crops raising and lowering to the desired harvesting and transplanting level on each tower.

The propagation greenhouse will be a state-of-the-art greenhouse dedicated to on-site seedling production. This growing space allows for on-site total control of the plant sources and materials. Organic and non-GMO seeds will be germinated and grown in a clean environment that is free of plant pests and diseases. Once the seedlings have reached their prime, they will enter onto a trolley system that will take them to their aeroponic Tower Garden® grow-out location, where they will spend the next two to four weeks reaching maturity.

The high tech produce packing facility is the transition point from farm to market. Utilizing the automated harvesting and packaging equipment, each living plant can be harvested, packed, and shipped within 30 minutes of removing the plant from the aeroponic system.

I am personally excited to be partnering with such an extraordinary group of people at Scissortail Farms.  Over the past year I have come to learn much about their integrity to create a better planet and bring local agriculture back to Oklahoma.  You will have an opportunity to learn much more in the coming months.

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